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Gottfried Leibbrandt and Natasha de Terán, authors of The Pay Off, can be seen, heard and read in the videos, interviews, conversations and articles below.
The Vaizey View is a cracking podcast which offers an insider's perspective on the tech and media industry in the UK and Europe. Hosted by Lord Ed Vaizey, who served as the UK'sTech Minister for six years, the show features analysis of the latest happenings in the tech space through interviews with the movers and shakers behind the scenes, with a particular focus on how tech disruption is changing public policy in a vast range of areas.

To hear
Lord Vaizey get to grip with payments in conversation with authors Gottfried Leibbrandt and Natasha de Terán, click here .
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Gottfried Leibbrandt in conversation with Andrew McCormack from the Bank Of International Settlements, Vachira Arromdee, Bank of Thailand and Herco Steyn, South African Reserve Bank.

 here to watch the DC Fintech Week discussion.
Natasha de Terán giving evidence on central bank digital currencies to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. 

Click here to see the full session.
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Gottfried Leibbrandt and Natasha de Terán write about where payments innovations leading us next in the Association of Corporate Treasurers' magazine, The Treasurer

Click here to read the article in full.
Listen to Natasha de Terán unearthing the importance of payments and in conversation with the Economic Research Council's William de Lazlo.

Click here to see the session in full.

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Author, advisor and global commentator on digital financial services, David Birch, writes in Forbes, citing 'The Pay Off'.  

Click here to read the article in full.

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Matt Cooke, a Director in the McKinsey Global Banking Practice, chats with Gottfried Leibbrandt about 'The Pay Off' to learn why everyone should read the book and to find out about the future of banks, crypto, cash and more.

here to watch the live interview.
The Paypers, the leading independent source of insights, news and analysis on payments 'and beyond', hosts a conversation with the authors of 'The Pay Off'.

here to read a summary, or click on the image to watch the live interview.
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Listen to the latest New Money Review podcast, in which the authors discuss 'The Pay Off’ with Editor Paul Amery.

Click on the image to hear the discussion. 


The authors meet with Andrew Hilton and Leighton Hughes at the City’s think tank, the 
Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation.

Click on the image to hear the discussion.

To learn more about the
CSFI and its tremendous work, click here


The authors write in Insights – the FS-ISAC publication that is laser-focused on the intersection of financial services and cybersecurity. To read more, click here.

To learn more about the
FS-ISAC and its important work, click here


Watch the authors in conversation with Dominic Hobson at the Future of Finance – where finance finds its future.

Click on the image to hear the discussion. 

For more the Future of Finance, click

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